Discipleship takes place in our small groups, but there is often a need for one-on-one discipleship to occur as well. Those in need of one-on-one discipleship may be:

  • new believers
  • long-time believers that feel like they just haven’t grown as much as they should have
  • believers struggling with habitual sin patterns

For the first two types of believers I have seen a lot of growth from just meeting together every week or two and discuss a passage of Scripture as we work our way through a book of the Bible. The book I have used the most in this way is I Peter because of its great balance of topics and its emphasis on how the Gospel helps believers endure hardship. Philippians and Romans have also worked really well.

A shorter book is usually the best way to start. This gives the person you are discipling a way out after a few weeks if they are feeling like quitting. If, on the other hand, at the end of first (small) book they want to continue you can begin a longer book like Romans.

After agreeing on a meeting time and letting him know what portion of the book we will discuss, I also ask him to come each week with five questions and five observations from the text. This always makes for plenty to talk about.

I recently read a book called One to One Bible Reading (by David Helm) that gives more detail about how to do this kind of discipleship. It’s really good and at only 103 pages it is well-worth your time to read it.

Here are some general discipleship books that have also been really helpful:

For targeted discipleship, that addresses specific habitual sins, the following books are great:

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